Book Review:

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Clover Moon By Jacqueline Wilson. With out giving much away I will try to explain the book! This Book is about a girl named Clover Moon. Her mother died and she lives with Her Dad and Step Mum, Her Sister Megs, and all of her half brothers and sisters. She misses her mother dearly and thinks also remembers her every day. She has a good old friend who is her God Father and every one is mean to him because he is a hunch back even her Step-Mum Mildred and Her Dad are mean to him. Clover doesn’t go to school as she  is ‘needed to help with the little ones’ or so Mildred says! This yet another Great Book by Jacqueline Wilson!

Hope you enjoy reading this/ If you all ready are/ have read it. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do!





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