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A good site to write your stories on is

A good site to write your stores on is


You can get it on your smart phone on Google and Tablet, etc.

It is especially good to write fan fictions on (that is what I do) (I don’t have many though) No matter what you like I guarantee that there will be someone else with a similar liking to you. When you publish a story people can give it feed back (Hopefully all good) what they like and on mine and other peoples they mostly say Amazing! But if you commented I could give you feed back if you wanted me to!

Hope you enjoy this if you start using it/ was already using it




A good site to log books on is…

A good site to log your books on is


you can get it on Google on your I phone (if you have one) and it is compatible with some other smart phones!

A teacher that I look up to suggested it to me and my friends when we were reading books really quickly so we can log them do book reviews and get recommendations based on other books we have read. I am adding my recommended books to my Christmas List!

You have to sign up but it is free!

Hope you enjoy this if you do use it!




Book Review:

Book Of Lies:

Teri Terry:

Image result for Book of lies By teri terry

This book is amazing it is about two twins they have never met until a tragic event brings them together.

I rate this book:

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5 stars!!
It was great now I have asked for some of his other books for Christmas!
It took me 1 week and 1 day to read! My friends saw the cover read the blurb and asked to borrow it after me I said we will have to see! I don’t think I want to let this book out of my site! I would recommend this book to someone that likes some not scary but a bit creepy like books and the rest of it is lovable. It is so hard to put down! I have to read a chapter at a time!
Thanks I hope you enjoy this book if you read it!

1) What to write a story about!

The first day of school, a love note:


It was Riley’s first day at Parker Alternative High. She was very nervous, what if no one liked her? What if they were mean to her? She texted her friend in Shanghai but completely forgot there was a time difference between the United Kingdom and China. Riley spoke English because she knew the language well and some of her family are English or speak English but she was still confident in chinse.

(If you do use this one please don’t use the example as your own)

Thanks Guys! You are amazing!